October 2018 Minutes


Minutes amended by Councillors. To be formally approved at next meeting on 5 December 2018

Minutes of the Stubton Annual Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 17th October 2018


Mr M Davis
Mr R Thornton
Ms L Stevenson

County Councillor A Maughan
1.   Apologies were received from District Councillor Sampson, Cllr H Wilson (in part),  and Cllr A Wise
Member of the public, Mr J Rose

Declarations of interest:  Cllr Thornton declared he was a member of the committee administering the funds remaining from the reVOLT campaign but no financial gain was involved in this undertaking.

2.   The Minutes of the meeting held on 25th May were read and approved.

3.   Matters Arising 

3.1   reVOLT Campaign Funding:  Cllr Thornton informed the meeting that approximately £1,500 remained of the funds for distribution and further requests for consideration will be sought in the new year.

3.2   The village BBQ had been a very successful evening socially and in addition had raised £234.50.

3.3   The Clerk had informed the residents of Church Lane/School Lane of the procedure to follow in order to adopt a name for the lane.  However, the stumbling block was the change of postcode for every property on the lane and it was therefore decided not to proceed.

3.4   The results of the Best Kept Village had been published earlier in the week; Stubton had not won and it was hoped that the marking sheets would be made available in order to learn where improvements could be made.

3.5   The Annual Audit was complete and Stubton’s financial arrangements were in order.

4.   County Councillor Maughan

4.1   SERCO – this company provide back office services and functions on an outsourced basis for LCC.  The contract for this work with SERCO has been extended to 2022 to enable continuity of service whilst enabling further research to be carried out.

4.2   Devolution:  Proposals are being put together to work as a team with other Regions with a view to gaining further funding.  

4.3   Fairer Funding:  This is a continuing exercise with the aim of achieving more funding for rural areas.

4.4   Grantham Hospital:  Discussions are taking place regarding the services offered over the three hospitals in Lincolnshire (Boston, Lincoln and Grantham) however there will be no decision regarding Grantham A&E until 2019.

4.5   Highways:  Cllr Maughan informed the meeting that 300 miles of carriageway repairs will be carried out in the current financial year, together with the repair of 40,000 potholes.

He explained that the best way to report a pothole was on-line but asked that a note of the reference number be kept.  Should the repair not be completed within 8 weeks he asked that he be informed, quoting the reference number, in order that he could carry out a follow up.
At this point Cllr Wilson raised the dire state of the road between Fenton and Beckingham and the parlous state of the road running from Littlegates Corner, past Hill Farm Furniture to the railway bridge on Doddington Lane.  He pointed out that at some points cars are grounding.  

Cllr Thornton pointed out the heavy traffic use on Doddington Lane, despite showing on a map as a very narrow country lane.

Cllr Maughan explained that the Asset Management Team from LCC assess the work to be done throughout the County and decisions are made according to budget availability.

In this respect questions were asked of Cllr Maughan regarding the incomplete resurfacing work in Stubton.  School Lane/Church Lane was outstanding despite being on the work schedule and the promised surface dressing has not been carried out.  Cllr Maughan had already raised these questions and would follow up.  He agreed to make arrangements to have another site meeting in Stubton with Mr Rowan Smith.

5.   Data Protection (GDPR)

Following the decision at the previous meeting not to adopt GDPR, a review had taken place over the summer and consequently further work had been carried out.

As a result, the Clerk informed the meeting that various Policies had been complied with the assistance of the LALC.  

The Councillors agreed to adopt the following Policies in order to conform with the GDPR regulations 

Data Protection Policy
Data Breach Policy
Records Retention Policy
Privacy Notice (a) for Councillors and Parish Clerk
Privacy Notice (b) General

6.   Village Gates

6.1   The project was progressing but was proving complicated in some areas due to contractual obligations and requirements.

Financially grants of £600 and £200 had been applied for and agreed.  The remaining cost would be met by the Parish Council.

6.2   A group discussion took place regarding speeding through the village and as a result it was agreed that the Council would reinstate the 30mph signs on the lamp-posts through the village – the date being aimed for to complete this task is the end of October.

7.   Any Other Business


The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 5th December at 7.30pm