We met with Cllr Maughan and the Highways Manager for this area on 7th February. Good news is that the roads are to be re-laid over the next three financial years

Since the parish council meeting in January, we have met with the Highways Manager for the area and Cllr Maughan regarding the state of Clensey Lane and Doddington Lane. A budget of £1 million has been allocated over the next three financial years. Clensey Lane and Doddington Lane are to be re-laid in stages. The worst parts of Clensey Lane i.e. the section before the railway bridge , and  the road outside Clensey Farm, are scheduled to be completed in the financial year 24/25. The rest of Clensey Lane in 25/26 and Doddington Lane 26/27. Hougham Road is due to start in the coming weeks. 

Published: Friday, 16th February 2024