January 2023 Minutes

Stubton Parish Council

Present: - 

Councilor Alex Maughan: LCC
Councilor Penny Milnes: SKDC
Chair: Cllr Geoff Dorrity 
Vice-chair: Cllr Jenny Taylor
Councillors: Cllr Teri England & Cllr Zoe North
Acting Clerk:  Cllr Zoe North 
Stubton Residents: 16

Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday, January 18th, 2023, at 7:30 pm

Initial Open Forum

A fifteen-minute period where residents are invited to raise any issues or concerns, they would like to address at future meetings. 

Please note the council will report, comment, or address any issues raised during this period; they will be addressed and discussed in a future meeting.

As we are aware the filming of the Parish Councill meeting has caused some consternation for some of our residents. Indeed since becoming chair I have been approached by 6 members of our community who have said they will not attend meetings where they are recorded. I have always believed that under the Representation of the People Act then there is a right for the meeting to be filmed. However, in discussion with the CEO of LALC I was advised that whilst that is the case for the Parish Council meeting, it does not cover the open/public forum, as that is best practice only, not legally obliged, and as long as it is clearly stated that it does not form part of the Parish Council Meeting, then there is no legal right to film this. As you will be aware, we have responded accordingly and so the public forum, about to take place, does not form part of the Parish Council Meeting and therefore should not be filmed.

Notes from open forum

1.Residents asked how we can report potholes and the dangerous state of the roads. Cllr Maughan requested that residents used fixmystreet on the website to report damage to roads. He also requested that should the response timescales given not be adhered to then contact him and he would take the matter to the Highways Department at LCC. He also stated that Clensey Lane and Doddington Lane are now in the programme for resurfacing/rebuilding works, although there was no set date for when that might begin. Further discussions then took place regarding the issues surrounding the diversions during the recent major roadworks. Cllr Maughan explained the difficulties faced during this period, and there was little anyone could do to control the volumes of traffic through the village. Residents felt that signage could have been clearer.

2. A resident raised the issue regarding the state of the Ukrainian flag and re-purchase. Also, the idea of an information sheet to be posted on the board detailing the flag days when the flag will be flown. It is proposed that once the up-to-date list is posted, then residents bring any further suggestions regarding additional flag days to the next Parish Council meeting for further discussion. It was agreed to purchase a new Ukrainian flag.

3. A resident asked about any plans for celebrating the coronation of Charles IIII– The village hall committee are discussing this at their meeting next week, and the proposal was residents would like to see a  joint village party/events involving the parish council, the hub and the parochial church council.


1.    Introductions  

Chairperson Cllr Geoff Dorrity welcomed parishioners on behalf of the council and introduced himself and the newly appointed Cllr England, Cllr Taylor, and Cllr Zoe J North, acting as clerk. He spoke of the work already undertaken by the new Parish Council with regard to getting mandates changed, developing the website and writing of required legal policies and procedures. He stressed that in a village of this size that any policies and procedures will be applied proportionally and with a good deal of common sense.

1.1    Apologies for the Absence.

No apologies for absence received; all councilors were in attendance.

1.2    Declaration of Interest.

No disclosures of interest were stated.

1.3    Acceptance of Previous Minutes.

The current council member was not present at the last meeting; therefore, the minutes should stay as a draft.

1.4    Notice and Acceptance of Resignation

Notice of acceptance of the resignation of Cllr Jerry Flint.


2.    Vacancy for New Councillor.

The Chair brought to light the need to advertise and elect a new councillor due to the PC's ability to remain quorate. An urgent motion was passed for the council to co-opt a new member. Cllr Taylor seconded this. With a public notice to be available from the following week. 

3.    Policies and Procedures.

Current drafts have been composed by Chairman Dorrity; these policies have been obtained from LALC and amended to fit the recent Parish Council. Draft policies will be added to the parish website in due course and available for members of the public to view. It is proposed these be reviewed during the next meeting with input from the residents and then adopted into the policies. All agreed upon this Motion. 

4.    Parish Council Website Update

Stubton Parish Council has received free support from LALC until the end of April. The following support entails uploading relevant documents the Stubton Parish Council produces, including the minutes, agenda and upcoming vacancies, onto the parish website. Lincoln County Council and LALC commented upon the number of admins operating the site over the previous years, adding complexity to issues gaining access and uploading documents. For £75, LALC will provide maintenance and management of the site, including cleaning it up and preparing it in a position to be used, plus ensuring it meets legal requirements. All agreed upon this Motion. 

Further recommendations were made regarding a yearly sum of £175 for future website management. This entailed up to 10 hours of website management throughout the year; however, this will be proposed to the future council in May. 

5.    Councillors Invited to an Early Election Briefing 

This is to take place in early March; although no date yet has been confirmed, it has been proposed that 1 or 2 representatives from Stubton Parish Council attend. This will be discussed at the next meeting once more information has been provided. 

6.    Calming of Traffic Through Stubton 

The council did not receive a written report for the meeting. Verbally the chair had been informed that no current action is being taken regarding the Calming of Traffic due to the collapse of the previous council. However, it was proposed there will be an opportunity during the following forum for residents to comment on future action. 
Cllr Maughan noted that Great Gonerby Parish Council has offered to lend equipment to Stubton if any volunteers were willing to come forward to perform a 'speed watch', 

7.    Proposal of a Community Litter Pick.

The proposal for a future community litter pick will take place in March. This will be discussed at the following meeting. 


Please see appendix 2 below


8.    Review of Assets 

In a review of Stubton Parish Assets, a comment was made regarding Benches and Flagpole requiring focus for the upcoming year. Therefore, an examination and assessment of these have been proposed before the next meeting so they can be incorporated into the budget. 

9.    Maintenance Plan for Future Assets 

A maintenance plan has been proposed for Parish Council Assets; this requires an annual examination of all assets and strategies regarding upcoming maintenance and cost for the future. This will be discussed during the next meeting. 


10.    Current Financial Position 

12.1 Current financial status 

Current statement shows 3767.50

12.2 Previous Payments and closing balance see appendix1

The last payment was made in September and the financial statement was accepted by all Parish Council Members. 

11.    Budget and Precepts  

13.1 Precepts for Previous Years 

21/22 = £1300
22/23 = £1400

13.2 Precept for Upcoming Year

Council accepts and agrees to the Motion regarding precept: with no increase in precept for 2023/2024

12.    Financial Spending Plan 2023/2024 

An overall budget for next year has been composed by the Chair. A more detailed budget for 23/24 will be presented at the next meeting.

13.    Urgent motion put forward by Chair to pass over the Good Neighbours TSB Business Account. Motion accepted by all. 


14.    Planning Applications 

There are currently no planning applications submitted or received of relevance or importance to Stubton Parish Council before the meeting. 

Please see other correspondence received at Appendix 3

Resident A raised a question just before the meeting closed regarding why the parish council meeting was being filmed. The answer given by Resident B was for the infirm and elderly who couldn’t attend the meeting. 

Date and time of future meeting: Thursday, February 23rd at 7:30 pm.

Appendix 1 Current financial statement

January 2023 minutes tbl1

Appendix 2 LCC & SKDC updates

Update from Lincolnshire County Council by Cllr Alex Maughan

Areas of note included details regarding the proposed budget for the year ahead, based upon the draft budget proposed in January. £595 million will be spent on delivering services across Lincolnshire next year. £177 million Adult Care and Wellbeing, £97 million on Children’s Services, £47 Million on Highways Maintenance, £22 million on Lincolnshire Fire & Ambulance Rescue Services. Cost pressures from inflation are of concern, with £65 million in cost pressures expected, therefore a Council Tax increase of 3% is expected. 

Capital budget intends to spend £131 million on capital projects in 2023/2024 this will improve and develop infrastructure in Lincolnshire, including new roads, schools and flood defences £428 million will be budget for future years on capital projects, funding is acquired from capital projects, council borrowing, government grands and developer contributions. Grantham Bypass: Phase two, being the new A1 trunk road and B1174 roundabout, was opened to traffic at the end of December. This is part of the £133 million project to improve traffic and congestion around Grantham. Phase three, which links the B1174 roundabout to the A52 at Old Somerby, continues to progress.

County Council Household Support Fund: The County Council has received a further £5.46m to support households in Lincolnshire with the cost of living. The funding comes in addition to £10m already received and distributed in 2020. 50% of this is being distributed through schools, with a further 25% being distributed to households in recipient of housing benefit from the district council. Further guidance on cost of living support can be found at https://www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/council-councillors/cost-of-living

Update on SKDC by Cllr Penny Milnes

Council Tax: There will be a £5 increase on Band D properties, equating to a 3.9% increase. This is the maximum allowed under the government cap, and provides an additions £356,000.

Cost of Living Support: Additional £900 cost of living payment provided by the government for qualifying households available in 2023/2024. Pensioner households will receive an additional £300 cost of living payment, individuals on disability benefits will also receive an additional payment of £150 during 2023/2024.

Business Rates: set in increase from April 1st, 2023, these will be updated to reflect changes reflect changes in property values since the last revaluation in 2017. A package of targeted support worth £13.6 billion over the next five years is intended to support businesses as they transition to their new bills with local authorities to be fully compensated for the loss of income.

Departmental Spending: Councils are asked to absorb the inflationary pressures within their budgets.

Housing Rents: The government is limiting the increase in social housing rents. Under current rules, rents could have risen by up to 11.1% – but now they will only be able to rise by a maximum of 7% in 2023/24.

Resulting Financial Context: Standstill settlement expected for 23/24 with no real terms additional funding to meet rising costs of utilities, inflation and pay

Anticipated budget shortfall for 23/24 onwards.

General Fund Approach: – Essential asset maintenance expenditure only. Vehicle, bins procurement only. Wholly grant funded schemes only. Strategy is to avoid incurring borrowing costs, inflated contract prices and preserve reserve levels to secure maximum interest income.

New SKDC Offices: located above The Picture House, Grantham. Officially open on the 26 th of January, estimated to save £350,000 PA.

SKDC Local Plan Review will commence consultation Feb/March 2023

Currently, no land has been offered for Gypsy and Traveller use following a call for sites and the completion of a needs assessment. Of note, the site alongside the A1 at Foston for 7 pitches, 12 touring vans, 11 statics, 10 utility blocks and 7 stables has been refused: due to excessive pollution levels, including light, noise and air from the A1.

The Shoot: The application for clay pigeon shooting to be extended from 50 to 150 days was unanimously refused by the planning committee. It has not been satisfactorily demonstrated that the shooting noise management plan will reduce adverse noise.

Proposed Village Sign – Penny was advised that the sign would need advertising consent only. The following link below which provides guidance on the advertising consent process, which specifically refers to village and / or town name-signs.

Appendix 3 Correspondence

LALC newsletter

1.Village halls across England can now apply for grants of between £7,500 and £75,000 to improve and modernise their facilities up to a maximum of 20 per cent of eligible project costs. The Platinum Jubilee Village Hall Fund has been launched in England to provide capital grants to improve and modernize their facilities. The fund is managed by Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) and aims to support around 125 village halls. 
Further details: https://acre.org.uk/press-release-grant-fund-opens-to-support-vital-improvement-works-to-village-halls/  To share with VH committee

2.All parish and town council seats are up for election on 4th May 2023. The publication of election notices will be issued by the District Council election teams for display in all parishes by Monday 27th March 2023 (at the latest) and nomination papers for all candidates will need to be submitted by 4th April 2023. 5x posters available at £3.00. Order by end of Jan. Propose we order batch to put up in bus shelter, village hall.



We have received so many calls and emails from previous participants, asking if Beacons are being planned to be lit in celebration of the forthcoming Coronation of King Charles III, in June next year. The answer from Buckingham Palace is NO, the reason being, they are conscious that the Coronation will take place less than a year after The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons were lit and are therefore anxious to ensure that the events planned for May 2023 have a markedly different look to those of June 2022. 

IMPORTANT HOWEVER, it has been agreed that Beacons should be lit on 6th June 2024, as the PRINCIPAL LEADING event led by our communities and organisations etc, in the celebration/commemoration/tribute to D-Day 80, the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy. 


The Highway Service secured commitments from its strategic partners as part of the procurement exercise that commenced delivery in April 2020.  The strategic partners are:

Balfour Beatty, WSP, Colas

Each partner has offered volunteering days for staff to deliver projects that support and improve the local community in addition to the normal delivery of the Highway Service. 
Each county councillor can nominate one project in their area. (Cllr Maughan indicated he had already put forward a project for a parish council in his area.)


Subject: Rural Cost of Living Survey - Your Help Needed to Encourage Participation
Dear Colleague

As a community contact, we would appreciate your help in getting as many people as possible to complete the survey.
The survey is being held in partnership with the Citizens Advice Rural Issues Group. 
Research commissioned by the RSN last year shows rural areas are suffering more acutely from the rise in the cost of living compared to urban areas.  
The purpose of the survey is to understand more about rural household budgets at, what is, a very difficult time for many. 
Results from the survey will help us to engage more effectively with Government Departments, MPs and other policy makers.
1.    The survey can be found at the following link:
We have also featured the survey via the following social media channels:
Rural Services Network& Citizens... - Rural Services Network | Facebook
RSN Online on Twitter: "@RSNonline & @CitizensAdvice Rural Issues Group have launched a rural cost of living household survey. Research has shown that those living in rural areas face extra costs & we now want to explore the impacts for households #ruralcostoflivingcrisis https://t.co/JmZNfIVnlb https://t.co/Zadlro6ORs" / Twitter
Rural Services Network on LinkedIn:  #ruralcostoflivingcrisis #ruralfairfunding 
Please share the survey with all your contacts, networks, family and friends living in rural areas – the greater the response the better.
Note the survey closes on 31 March 2023.